About us

Amibso combines real estate management with information technology, new commercial trends and art.

Amibso will support you and your activities and provide you with the individual care.

Amibso team is a group of people with the aim of creating something unique.

The Amibso project started in 2015 and provides services for its clients in Prague and other localities of Czech Republic.

Our team

Peter Szenasy

Executive Director

Peter is the executive director of Amibso. Currently he is also the majority owner of the consulting company EPDOR and the business operator of the summer gallery in Křivoklát.

Peter completed a university degree in the US and an MBA in Prague. He has participated in many training courses in project management, procurement and negotiation, including Harvard Business School and INSEAD. Peter speaks four languages.

Kateřina Molnárová

Business Manager

Kateřina has many years of experience in real estate field. She works in business since 1997.

She has experience in renting and selling real estate, team management, real estate management and pricing, including preparation of contractual documentation and negotiation with authorities.

She has gone through several development projects from the very beginning to handing over the keys to the new owners.

Vladislava Novotná

Financial and administrative specialist

Vlaďka has many years of experience in financial management and planning. Before joining AMIBSO, she worked for 16 years in a pharmaceutical company where she gained knowledge and experience in finance.

At Amibso she takes care not only of the company but also of the managed real estates. Vlaďka is a very careful and conscientious part of our team.

Karolína Süssová

Communication Specialist

Karolina has many interests and she likes to learn new things, which is reflected in her studies and the diversity of jobs she has held

.At present, she is mainly involved in the field of company communication and web site development. In her spare time she is passionate about studying foreign languages. She speaks English and Italian fluently .