Sensors and measuring instruments

Having necessary information is the key nowadays, with no exception also in the field of real estate management and housing.

Installing sensors allows you to have your property under control with information about the media (e.g. heat, electricity, water) and environmental quality (parameters such as noise, temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.) in a moment and from anywhere.

Characteristics of the sensors and the measuring instruments:

  • Installation without the need for the construction interventions and in express time
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Wireless communication and battery construction of sensors (simple installation - portability)
  • Powered by batteries (long-life battery "4+ years") or by cable
  • Possibility to create a custom network for mutual communication of the sensor and gateway or connection to the building
  • Harmonization and data transfer to the cloud
  • Identification of the suitable cloud applications for data evaluation and predictive modeling

Strategic partner

Our strategic partner in the development of the technology solutions is EPDOR.