Season of heater inspections - do you know what is needed?


Current legislation implies inspections and controls of several types that owners of houses, apartment buildings and their tenants are obliged to. Now we are at the peak of the season of inspections and regular servicing of heating equipment (chimneys, boilers, karma and other gas appliances such as cookers and gas stoves).

Apart from the fact that many of the regular servicing and revisions are a statutory duty, we recommend not neglecting them for the following reasons:

  • Can prevent damage to health and property.
  • You can reduce energy consumption by checking and repairing.
  • For your sense of security and security.

So what needs to be checked before the winter? Here are few examples from a long list.


The season of chimneys inspections is these days at its peak. Since the beginning of 2016, Act No. 133/1985 Coll. on fire protection establish the duty to clean and inspect flue gas routes regularly and lists the cases in which they need to be revised. In 2016, the new Implementing Decree No.34 / 2016 Coll. o Cleaning, inspection and inspection of flue gas came to force. Legal obligations arise for all appliances that produce flue gases, no matter what fuel they burn. It does not matter whether the flue gas is emitted by the chimney or the flue pipe on the façade.

Low pressure boiler rooms

Inspections and revisions of low-pressure boiler rooms, as defined in § 2 (d) of Decree No. 91/1993 Coll. and Annex 12 (12.1) of Government Decree No. 101/2005 Coll. as an object or part of an object in which a boiler with a rated thermal output of at least 50 kW or if the sum of rated boiler thermal outputs is greater than 100 kW. Regulations prescribe periodic expert inspections of boiler rooms within the set deadlines, which have been extended from two years to three years this year.

Gas boilers

Once a year, each owner of the gas boiler should take care of his service. This inspection is performed by a service technician who checks whether the boiler is functioning properly, or cleans or replaces the part of the appliance. This periodic inspection is part of this service.
Unlike the operational review of gas boilers, the obligation to perform a service inspection is not set by a statutory decree. Nevertheless, it is all in the best interests of the owner of the boiler to ensure regular service of the gas equipment due to safety, durability and, last but not least, legal obligations.

Gas appliance

And it should not be forgotten to revise gas appliance. Revisions of gas equipment are distinguished in the initial and the operational inspections. The initial revision is determined in accordance with §6 of Decree 85/1978 Coll. and must be carried out on each gas installation prior to commissioning. This revision is ensured by the supply organization and is usually part of the gas supply. An operational review is carried out every three years, which ensures the tightness of the joints in the gas pipeline system and the connected equipment. Decree No. 85/1978 Coll. prescribes that we carry out operational revisions in accordance with the time limit laid down in Article III. technical regulation ČSN 38 6405, Gas installations - operating principles.

And what about you, are you already having all the revisions furnished? Do you know what to do in addition to the above?

If not, we'll be happy to help!

The provision of revisions is one of the services we offer in real estate management. If you are interested, please contact us here.